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The Newstips Bulletin is a 30-year-old offline (not online) weekly publication for journalists.
Through it and other offerings, Newstips sponsoring clients get consequential help.

All Newstips Bulletin readers are journalists - only journalists - as has always been the case. We cover products and trends that can impact personal productivity in an office, home or mobile workspace. There's a lot of coverage of consumer electronics, computer electronics, mobile, photo/video, office products and so on. We also address building and maintaining gear and new technologies. And since they've become so widespread a presence in so many workplaces, in late 2011 we began also including gun products in our coverage.

IF YOU ARE A JOURNALIST you can subscribe for free. There's more info here about how to do that and why you may want to.

IF YOU ARE WITH A PR AGENCY OR A VENDOR you may be checking us out because of an editorial call or a review request. Here's what you most want to know: Since all of our readers are journalists and many of them are with major media, there are two sides to our circulation: we only reach a couple thousand but our readers reach more than 100 million. (In October 2011, about a dozen of our readers followed up on a product we covered and that resulted in exposure to more than 100 million people; that number is neither theoretical nor an overstatement). There are no links to what we publish but we will send you a PDF of any issue in which we review a product you get to us. There is no fee for running reviews. After a review, you can instruct us either to keep, discard or donate a product or to return it, but we will not pay return shipping costs.

and want to discuss our help in getting more coverage for your product (we are not a PR agency and we are not talking about advertising) then let's make it a conversation. Beyond exposure we can in many cases help line up private-label partners or brick & mortar retail relationships or domestic manufacturing alternatives. There may be a lot to talk about. We also maintain disclosure of our standard terms and fees here.

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