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Let's simplify

The Newstips Bulletin is a 35-year-old offline (not online) weekly publication for journalists.
Newstips segments now also reach 6.5 million radio listeners.

We don't charge for doing product reviews.

The only people who do pay us are our sponsoring clients - they come to us for our  help making sell-through happen via pull programs.

All Newstips Bulletin readers are journalists - only journalists - as has always been the case (for more than 35 years). We cover end-user products that impact productivity in an office, home or mobile workspace - and even that broad definition is one we often interpret loosely. 

Newstips segments also reach 6.5 million total listeners on the radio through HOT on Money Radio stations on Bloomberg Radio, segments on and syndicated from WBAI-FM in New York City, long segments on Let's Talk Computers, weekly segments on Computer Talk Radio and two reviews each week on Computer America.

IF YOU ARE A JOURNALIST you can subscribe for free. There's more info here about how to do that and why you may want to.

IF YOU ARE WITH A PR AGENCY OR A VENDOR you may be checking us out because of an editorial call or a review request. Here's what you most want to know: There is no fee for running reviews. After a review, you can instruct us either to keep, discard or donate a product or to return it, but we will not pay return shipping costs.

and want to discuss our help in getting more sell-through for your product, we can perform pull programs. We don't do PR and are not anj agency; we do have prepared briefings we can send as PDF files on request. Pull programs are all about and only about converting inventory into revenues by delivering interested customers to your channels of availability.


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