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Sponsoring Client FYI
Advice, information and clarification for our sponsoring clients

Thank you again for working with Newstips as a sponsoring client.
These points review our expectations about our working relationship.Time and attention

    PLANNING AHEAD: Whenever you can, we urge you to work with us in developing Bulletin items for next several weeks ahead.

    WORK DAY: Our official hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, with usual holidays and vacations off.

    STRATEGIC COUNSEL: The term "strategic counsel" is often a misnomer or a lie, rarely amounting to more than tactical planning, though usually amounting to major money. We can also offer strategic counsel (the real thing or the usual thing, your choice). Inquire. We promise to either talk you out of it or, if we can't, to help you cost-justify it.

    DATABASE: Our database is one of our most valuable proprietary assets. We do not share it.

    CIRCULATION: Only press people can subscribe to the Newstips Bulletin so sorry, but unless you're a journalist, we won't add you to its circulation. We will be delighted to add the press people on your lists feel free to send us their contact info and if we don't already reach them, we can invite them to join our circulation. Also, please copy us (electronic database or spreadsheet format please) on press lists for any trade shows at which you exhibit.

    CLIPPINGS: We offer no clipping service. Ask us about third-party services, but first, we should discuss the reasons you think you want one.

    PRESS TOURS: We seldom do press tours; we think most of them are a waste of time and money. There are usually more productive alternatives that you can pursue for about the same cost, sometimes for less. We'll be happy to talk with you about them.

    PRESS RELEASES: We seldom do releases. The compelling reasons to do releases have nothing to do with press coverage. For an explanation, ask us.

    RENEWAL: Since we perform our services on a 'till forbid basis, renewal is automatic and your continuing press presence is assured; of course, you can also terminate our services more or less at will (see below). Note specifically: our invoices specify the months of service covered under the stipulated fee payment but the end of a period against which that payment applies does not in and of itself mark the end of our engagement.

    MINIMUM INITIAL ENGAGEMENT: We do not accept clients for any initial (new or after-hiatus) engagement of less than three full (calendar) months; this does not apply to special services we package as a "Project" (identified by that word in the top line of the specified billable on our invoice). While any client may at any time provide us with a notice of Termination (see below), no termination can become effective until after this period expires.

    TERMINATION: (We require one full month's notice before any termination can be considered effected, and months will not be prorated. Also:

      In any dispute over notice, the effective date will be our date of receipt of notification.

      We believe in no-fault termination. Neither side needs to be in the right or in the wrong to justify a termination. It's enough just to not want to work together any more. Still, we hope that  doesn't happen.

    MAJOR PROJECTS: In special circumstances, we can become your surrogate and manage multiple agencies and orchestrate complicated or oversize efforts. It isn't cheap, and we aren't aggressively pitching it, but it is easily within our abilities.

(c) Copyright 2012 Martin Winston and TwandaCorp - all rights reserved.

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